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January Publisher's Letter

Jan 17, 2024 10:43PM ● By Anika Mills

Welcome to Columbia Inspired Magazine, I’m publisher Anika Baty Mills, and I wish you a Happy New Year! 2024 has begun and our new journey awaits. My love for our community and my desire to help people thrive are the reasons why I started the magazine; then COVID-19 hit, and like so many of you, we had to pivot and we became a digital publication. Now it’s 2024 and we are again, evolving.

Health and Wellness has always been my one true love. As a trainer, a teacher, and a coach in the fitness space, I had a passion for working with people and giving them the freedom to be themselves, good, bad or indifferent. As I have evolved as a mother, wife, business owner, and as a woman, I’ve noticed that some in the health and fitness industry and in our society try to put people into categories or boxes and don’t support those people if they don’t “fit”.

I do not subscribe to that. My mission is to help you find out what works for you and to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle on your terms.  The health and wellness industry shouldn’t dictate what your healthy lifestyle looks like; I believe you are in charge of that. If you like going to the spa, go. If you can only work out for 10 minutes a day, that’s perfect. If travel is your jam, Bon voyage! If you like chips…well, have some on the weekend, lol! But seriously,  I aim to provide content, and host events that allow you to take care of yourself in the very way that fits you, or maybe expose you to something new.

Health and Wellness is often regulated to content that is focused on diet and exercise. Too many of us are told what we “should” be doing based on whatever is trending. If the trend doesn’t fit you, then somehow, it is your fault. Why don’t you like running 15 miles a week...what’s wrong with you!

Having a healthier lifestyle is never about following the trend of the moment. I believe health and wellness means  supporting people to be their best, whole selves. With that in mind, I want to make sure our content has a clear, straightforward focus. Columbia Inspired will offer content on social, mental, physical, and financial wellness. It is my strong belief that if we can help improve even one of those metrics in your life, we can help you live the healthy lifestyle that you envision. 

Yes, you heard...oh read that right. The healthy lifestyle that you envision. I am looking forward to helping you  on your wellness journey, let’s go together!

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