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Where Physical Therapy and Fitness Come Together

Jan 10, 2023 04:18PM ● By Angela Davids

With a hybrid of traditional physical therapy and personal training, Rehab 2 Perform and its founder Dr. Josh Funk are bringing a new approach and attitude to a field of medicine that has changed little in decades.  

Funk's introduction to physical therapy came when he played lacrosse for Ohio State University and injured his shoulder. On campus, he had access to equipment and the guidance of coaches to rebuild his shoulder's function and strength. However, when he returned home that summer and went to a traditional medical practice for physical therapy, he saw a sharp contrast.

"I had providers who didn't know how to handle individuals who wanted to be physically active," Funk said. "And there was a lack of equipment that could challenge and prepare me for what I needed to be doing."

Years later, with his physical therapy practice, Funk wanted to design a facility less like a sterile, quiet medical office and more like a gym, where an engaging environment would inspire people. So now he strives to create an experience where patients are excited and motivated for physical therapy.

"There's a certain vibe and energy," he said. "It's bright, there's music, and when people ask, 'Am I in the right place?' I know we've done the right thing. Let's not medicalize something that could be a mix of medical care and fitness."
Another contrast to the typical healthcare practice comes across in how Funk runs his business. You won't be stuck in a waiting room for an appointment that starts half an hour late. Instead, you'll know exactly what your treatment costs will be, and care providers and front desk staff are hired for their "attitude, effort, and enthusiasm," Funk said, and they will know you by name.

Making Movement the Key to Success

It's only natural to avoid activities that cause pain, but that can lead to loss of muscle and strength, further inhibiting a person's ability to stay active or even perform daily functions.

"That's going to chip away at you physically and mentally," Funk said. "I want to prescribe movement and exercise that better supports you, that allows you to create a better baseline, and that allows you to be sustainably physically active."

Rehab 2 Perform focuses on what is achievable and builds upon that. What matters is to "be greater than yesterday," Funk said as he glanced up at those words displayed on a wall for all to see.

Another core concept is empowerment. It is central to the theme of Funk’s practice. He believes in leveling with his patients, but also align with them in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident. Funk states when they educate their clients, they empower them, allowing clients to take control of their own lives. 

Taking a New Philosophy to the Community
"We're doing our best to change the perception of what healthcare can do for people," said Funk. A big part of that is going beyond the transactional relationships within the four walls of a business and building relationships in the community that he describes as transformational.

Maryland and Virginia residents will see 
Rehab 2 Perform team members at school on career days, leading workshops for parents and coaches and bringing their 20-foot recovery trailer to public fitness events.

"There's just so many different things we can do to create meaningful relationships, to add value without an expectation, and to know we're impacting more than just the individuals who come into our facilities."

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