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Columbia Inspired

A New Approach to Assisted Living

Sep 19, 2022 11:33AM ● By Angela Davids

It all started with Miss Nancy. She lived in the Allview Estates in Columbia for decades, living independently into her 90s until she fell in her home and shortly thereafter had a stroke. When friends Adam Ababiya, his wife, and his mother-in-law visited her in an assisted living facility, what Adam saw stayed with him for years.

He felt sadness and concern when he saw that the staff was not properly caring for Miss Nancy. They didn’t brush her hair, trim her nails, or provide her with nutritious food. He thought that if this is what a facility is like in an affluent area, Miss Nancy’s experience was likely a common one in other places as well.

It wasn’t until years later that he recognized an opportunity to make a difference for the community’s older population. Adam decided to open a residential assisted living facility that would provide exceptional care for the elderly. This fall, Adam will open that facility, and eight residents will live in a 5,200-square-foot home in Allview Estates, just like Miss Nancy.

Adam’s path to creating a home environment where seniors can receive personalized care is a surprising one. He has spent most of his career as an international technology consultant yet had been influenced by his father’s 20-plus-year career in real estate. In high school and college, Ababiya worked in administrative roles at the same firm as his father. He bought his first investment property in his 20s and built close personal connections in the real estate industry.

At a Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Investors Association meeting, the topic was the trend toward residential assisted living and its benefits. It allows for more one-on-one care time, customized activities, and a socially supportive environment. That’s when it all clicked.

 In November 2021, after four years of researching, networking, and taking courses to learn about the elder care industry, Ababiya purchased a big, brick home at the top of a hill in Allview Estates. As a resident of the neighborhood himself (as well as his in-laws), he had his eye on the home for a while and saw the potential. Since purchasing the eight-bedroom house, he has remodeled or replaced nearly every aspect, the kitchen, five bathrooms, windows, he also added all new plumbing, electrical, and a fire sprinkler system. He paid close attention to every last detail of the house.

With the ideal environment in place and choosing the name Sequoia Senior Care, he sought an assisted-living director. He reached out to the woman he considered to be among the most qualified in the region and hired her to oversee operations. He’s also investing heavily in the rest of the team as well. 

“We will care for our residents as holistic human beings,” Ababiya said. “We will have activities that enhance their lives mentally, physically, and spiritually. Spiritually can include socialization, interaction, and a faith component, if that’s what a resident requests.”

Ababiya said that the experience of living there will be adapted to each resident and can include social activities, appropriate physical movement, live music, cooking classes, gardening, field trips, and more. Salon services will be available as well.

“We all want to be able to trust the people who care for our parents. It’s not that we don’t want to do it ourselves, but caretaking can be a very demanding responsibility,” Ababiya said. “Raising kids, work, the endless household chores, and errands, along with the little self-care we all should be getting, can be overwhelming and quite draining. Families have the difficult choice of how to provide the best care for their parents.”

Ababiya strives to make that choice easier when his assisted living facility opens this fall.

“At Sequoia Senior Care, our mission is to ensure the trust and happiness of our residents and their loved ones by creating a safe and joyful place to call home.” 

If you are interested in reaching out to learn more about Sequoia Senior Care, you can contact Adam at [email protected].

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