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3 Steps to Fight Allergies and Airborne Illnesses

May 23, 2022 08:54PM ● By Garima Chaturvedi

It seems that lately, we’re inundated with all sorts of articles and warnings about the air we breathe. On top of May being Asthma and Allergy Month (as many of us have first-hand experience with allergies living in Maryland), the pandemic has made us much more aware about the role of indoor air quality in combatting airborne illnesses. So, how do we translate this awareness into concrete steps that help us breathe with confidence? Here are three steps to better indoor air for you and your family.

Step 1:  Air Filtration

Filtering your air starts with an HVAC and a room air filtration system. Use the highest rated MERV filter that your HVAC system can handle to trap particulate matter. Additionally, use a stand-alone room air filtration and purification system. Be wary, however, of lightweight models that aren’t cost-effective and ionic-based systems that emit harmful ozone into your environment (check out this article for more details).

Step 2:  Disinfection

To neutralize whatever impurities and allergens make it through your filtration system, it’s important to disinfect both your home’s surfaces and the surrounding air. Watch out for antibacterial aerosols that sensitive breathers might not tolerate. Instead, opt for plant-based treatments that use a fine-spray application. Check out three levels of disinfection here.


Step 3:  Indoor Air Reset

Once you’ve filtered out particles and neutralized surface and airborne allergens, the final step is resetting or rebalancing your indoor air by injecting probiotics – beneficial, inert bacteria – into your home. These probiotics not only devour mold spores, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens, but they also compete for the same resources that harmful irritants rely on. Probiotic air purification systems can combat sick building syndrome and replenish your indoor air environment. Learn more about probiotic air purification here.


Following these three steps will filter, purify, reset, and rebalance your indoor air, so you can breathe with confidence and kick those allergies to the curb!


For more details on MERV ratings, check out the EPA webpage at: 

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